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Collaboration Consulting

Susan deGrandpre


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Collaboration Consulting

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Susan deGrandpre,Collaboration Consultant, helps a wide variety of organizations operate more productively through collaborating for success. Building on a long leadership and consulting career, she has been in private practice since 1999.

She deeply believes that every leader and employee has the capacity to be a highly valuable contributor to the workplace. When collaboration processes are clear, supportive and direct, that capacity translates into reality and the organization thrives. When collaboration is muddled, the organization fails.

When you collaborate for; success, you will:

• Anticipate and exceed customer expectations
• Spend fewer training dollars by using the talent already in your organization
• Improve productivity by improving employee input
• Install great collaboration as a primary strategy to compete in a challenging economy
Ask Susan about some of the work she has done for a diversity of clients who faced some of the issues you have.

She specializes in
• Structuring Delegation
• Building Workplace Mentoring Programs
• Developing Strong Teams
• Teaching Productive Communication Skills
Susan H. deGrandpre is a management consultant with over twenty five years of experience in leading, consulting, facilitating and coaching in for-profit, not-for-profit and university settings.Her clients range from large to very small organizations. She works with owners, managers and employees of organizations that know people are their greatest asset.
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